Our Process



Our in-house draftsman has over 10 years experience working in metal and textile fabrication. We produce CAD drawings and we can modify existing CAD drawings using the latest software. When an architect or a commercial client has an idea for something creative and needs specifications and/or shop drawings, then we are available to provide this service without the need for outsourcing.

Photo Rendering:

When you need to see how your idea will look when installed onto an existing structure or location, we can make it happen using our photo rendering process. We can take an existing photo of the location and draw in the proposed design. This gives a “life-like” feel of how your project will look when it is completed.


Our Design/Sales department has over 90 years combined experience working in the field of metal and canvas fabrication. Our Design/Sales team offers the experience and wisdom needed to assist you in finding solutions to problems concerning wind, sun and rain. Design/Sales at J. Miller Canvas, Inc., is a unique collaboration that begins with you. We listen to you and then we come up with a plan designed specifically for you.

Permits and Engineering Services:

Our in-house design team will help you with site plans, elevations, attachment details and materials for fabrication in a layout that is designed to insure the best possible result when pulling permits. We then facilitate the process of obtaining permits on commercial projects of any kind. By combining the use of CAD and photo rendering, we present your project in the most professional way possible so that plan checkers will have a clear understanding of what you are proposing to do. We then provide engineering calcs for all codes on several states. We have a proven track record for success as we continue to help our clients get through this challenging process.

In-House Graphics:

In order to provide full service to our customers we also do our own printing on awning fabric for commercial projects. Once our design team has completed a layout for your approval we then have the printing capabilities to complete the graphic process for any commercial awning job. We have the latest technology from Sunbrella SGS using a heat-transfer system that bakes the graphics into the Sunbrella canvas insuring a long-lasting result.


Metal Fabrication:

Our welding department is fabricating some of the industry’s finest quality frames available. Once a project has been detailed through our design department, metal fabrication becomes the most important component in many of our jobs. We use only the best materials and we powder-coat paint every frame for the longest lasting – rust resistant results.

Professional Sewing:

J. Miller Canvas, LLC.employs highly skilled craftsmen who have the experience and the equipment needed to complete any task where sewing is required. Our employees combine over 70 years experience working on all projects using any kind of material required. We use the best threads available for each job that cannot be completed with RF Welding.

Automated Fabric Cutting:

J. Miller Canvas, LLC. is working with the latest innovations in textile fabrication. Our awning jobs are first downloaded into our computerized cutting system which allows us to cut fabric with precision accuracy. Any shape or specific design can be produced with this technology. This system is just one more way we strive for perfection while maintaining control in manufacturing and production

RF Welding/ Wedge Welding:

J. Miller Canvas, LLC. is producing long-lasting results, welding fabric together rather than conventional sewing. The RF welding system we use is the best way to produce clean and stable connections when joining fabric together. We deal with the best outdoor products offering long-term warranties- excluding manufacturing. Because of this exclusion, we feel it is our obligation to produce the best possible manufacturing in our shop, to create the same long-lasting result. Some materials cannot be RF-Welded but knowledgeable customers should always ask this question: “Do you RF Weld in your shop?” With J. Miller Canvas, LLC. the answer is yes!


Experienced Professionals:

J. Miller Canvas, LLC. has the reputation of employing the finest installers in the industry. These talented men have a combined time of service totaling more than 95 years in the installation of awnings, canopies and other related products. The American Safety and Health Institute certify all of our installers in CPR and AED. Our installers are often the last people our customers see and we are proud to have all of them representing J. Miller Canvas to the community.

Equipment Operators:

Heavy equipment is not a problem for our Installers. Most large jobs require knowledge of this machinery and we handle most equipment without the use outside operators. It is important that our clients know whom they are working with when they hire an awning company to do a job.

Company Insurance

  • Additional Insured Certificates
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • Workers Compensation
  • $1,000,000.00 (single occurrence)
  • $2,000,000.00 (aggregate)